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In the age of 4G communications, words seems to have lost their charms and ingenuity.
Worry not, my friend! Muntazir is here to save the words!!

We are a group of enthusiastic, energetic, empathetic people with our united understanding that relationships are a very important part of our life.
We strongly believe that handwritten letters can enrich and enhance these relationships and make them memorable.

Our Mission

To help you cherish, enrich and enhance your relationships with the power of handwritten letters filled with love, care and affection.

All India Writing Contest

Do you want to make an everlasting impact on someone's life by your amazing writing skills?
Muntazir is bringing the right platform where you can realize your dreams

Our Vision

To become the best place for "Muntazir" people all over the world, and help them nourish their relationship futher.


Personal Letters

Letters to your loved ones!

Imagine, One day you recieve a handwritten letter with lovely design that cleary shows how much effort went behind it. Wouldn't you feel overjoyed knowing that you have a special place in their heart?

Muntazir is eager to help you enrich your relationships with the power of handwritten words.

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Corporate Letters

Delight Your Customers!

Great companies always value their customers, clients and service partners highly. They often express their grattitude for doing good business in their own ways.

Muntazir is here to help you do just that!

Send letters in bulk to your valuable business partners, that will enhance your business further.

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Self Letters

A Letter To The Future!

Did you know you can use your own past memories to shape and propel your future?

Are you intersted in knowing what does this have to do with hand written letter?

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What do we Offer?

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  • Personal Letters
  • Corporate Letters
  • Self Letters

To Girlfriend

Let her know she has special VIP seat in your heart.

To Parents

Only Gods on earth whom you can hug!

To Boyfriend

Make him feel like the luckiest guy on earth ever.

To Customers

Prove that you value your customers highly.

To yourself

Be your own lighthouse by being reminded of your visions.

To Wife

Open up your heart and prove that you are always there for her.

To Stakeholders

Express your gratitude for their help in flourishing your business.

To Rivals

Express your sportsmanship and run healthy competitions.

What inspired us?

This method of showering our loved ones with affections is inspired by people who are in Long Distance Relationship aka LDR.
We can also stick to the original normal way of voice calls, video calls, emojis and filters to add further flavours but the charm and the essence of a handwritten letters remains unparalleled.

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We let the facts, the figures and the letters speak for us !


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We would love to hear from you ! Aapki Darkhwaast, Aapki Tammanna, Aapki Shikayat hum sunna chahenge !


9, Hariom Nagar Part-1, Ahmedabad, India

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+91 94087 83322

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